Monitor for Nature-Based Solutions in Indonesia


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Monitor for Nature-Based Solutions in Indonesia

Location: Indonesia.  Client:  The Nature Conservancy


To promote nature based solution to flood problems, The Nature Conservancy studies the relation between floods and nature-based solutions in Indonesia. Together with their partners, they created a global mapping portal that compares green infrastructure such as mangroves, to socio-economic vulnerability data, to flood events. The aim is to analyse and advocate nature based solutions along the north coast of Central Java.

To be able to monitor floods and flood management effectively, The Nature Conservancy asked FloodTags to supply real-time flood information to the portal. Other partners in the comparative study are ESRI, Global Disaster Preparedness Centre, Wetlands International and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.


FloodTags developed a media monitor for Indonesia, analyzing and monitoring incoming Twitter data for the Northern Coast of Java. The data is distributed through an API, connected to the ‘Coastal Resilience – Cities Mapping Portal’. Also it is available via the existing FloodTags dashboard that enables the monitoring and analysis of on-the-ground Twitter content, for use in flood response. The data feed has been operational since 2017.


Flood observations from the media can effectively be used for comparative studies. Earlier on we compared flood observations with hydrometeorogical forecasts in Tanzania and with outbreaks of water-related diseases in Indonesia. In this study we find how flood observations can be used to compare with green infrastructre and socio-economic vulnerability, ultimately to reveal regions around the globe, where nature-based solutions will be best fitted to counter flood risk.