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Our Solutions


Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of social media, online news, blogs, forums, direct messaging apps and message boards. Includes any media data that is in the public domain or accessible by your own accounts. Detects new events and provides immediate from-the-ground coverage on floods, wildfires, mudflows, landslides,  perceptions of measures, etc. With the monitoring you receive:

  • Alert notification: An alert of new events to your email address
  • Dashboard: Overview of the flood events and the underlying data. Analyze individual events, read the content and find information on water depths, impact and damages, as well as associated problems like breaches of embankments, drainage problems, trash accumulations, damages etc.
  • API: Access by API that can be connected to your or third party aggregate software. For instance FloodTags is fully compatible with Delft-FEWS.

Event Analysis

We provide event descriptions including timeline, impact, mentioned causes, related developments and response to measures. Our analysis is done on the basis of statistical anomalies and information extraction using supervised machine learned classifiers. The output can be viewed concisely as a table or more detailed in a comprehensive event report. Applications of the extracted event data include:

  • Flood risk assessment: Actual flood databases provide a great historical ground-truth for detailed flood hazard and risk assessments.
  • Model validation: Use actual observations to validate your models, including hydrologic and hydraulic modelling tools.
  • Comparative studies: Such as revealing the relations between flood extent and water-related diseases, green infrastructure, or meteorology (for impact forecasting).


Large amounts of event information are shared via Telegram and  WhatsApp. For instance, during flood events, hundreds of volunteers of the Tanzanian Red Cross Society use WhatsApp to inform headquarters. The Philippine Red Cross does the same with Facebook Messenger. However, this messaging information is diffult to manage and to view in conjunction with other information sources. Generating a common situational overview is cumbersome.

To support structured communication, FloodTags developed a chatbot that can be used to:

  • Acquire information from a user via chatbot interaction
  • Send registered users additional information from your systems

The chatbot is connected to the FloodTags dashboard where all information can be viewed in conjunction with other media data. With these tools, professionals can get a better overview of the situation and use direct messaging to the fullest. The automated assistant is optimized for WhatsApp and Telegram, but it can also be used on SMS and USSD. See our success stories to discover how the chatbot is being used in different environments.

For various event types

We started with flood monitoring, but now take on other event types including:

  • Natural disaster such as heavy rains, landslide, mudflow, hurricane, typhoon, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, droughts
  • Environmental disasters such as release of oil, chemicals, radioactive material, accidents, explosions
  • Societal disasters incl. human trafficking, labour exploitation, gender inequalities
  • Public facilities incl. disruptions to drinking water, power supply, roadblocks, public transport
  • And we monitor the prevention measures taken, including infrastructure development and preparation (embankments, dredging, dams, protection measures, community preparations)


We have a subscription-based revenue model, with standard price setting for the processing and exchange of media data. The price depends on the volume and the complexity of the required data processing. For feature development we charge project-based (development hours). You can request a quotation by emailing us at info@floodtags.com.

In some circumstances, for NGO's with small financial capacity, we apply the PWYC principle: Pay What You Can. We offer this in exceptional cases, to achieve maximum impact. Reach out to us to inquire about the possibilities.