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mining for professionals

Online and social media mining for professionals

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What we do

We provide high quality social and online media data analysis for professionals, using the latest advancements of AI in natural language processing, speech technology and image processing.

Real-time monitoring

We monitor events from multiple platforms in social media, news, blogs, forums, web pages.  Via a dashboard and API you get access to a wealth of data from-the-ground.

Event analysis

We provide fact-finding analyses for single events with timelines, perceptions, responses and other related developments. Dig deeper to truly understand the local situation.


We provide chatbots to facilitate your communication with staff, volunteers and citizens. Send updates from your systems and get feedback from-the-ground.

How it works

You explain your data needIncluding the topic of monitoring, the regional scope, language and data sources that you require. Also, you determine how you would like to receive the results: Via the FloodTags Dashboard, imported into your own software, or as single event overviews in a report.

We collect and analyse the online media dataWe check whether we already have the required data in our systems, in which case we go straight to the next step (get access). If not, we do an inventory and estimate the volume of content relevant that can be found for your use-case. Together with you we evaluate whether the found volume and contents will satisfy your specific use-case. We then go and do full collection, analysis and classification of the data.

You get access in the way you wantYou receive the results and can browse the data 1) In your personalised dashboard 2) By connecting your organisations’ software to our API and 3) By importing the data in your favorite aggregate tool. Or you can analyse the results from a tailor-made report, for instance holding a detailed account of past events of your topic.

On request we develop extra featuresEach use-case has different requirements to really make that impact. Tailoring to specific use-cases, we developed our first chatbot (in Tanzania) and the fully interactive human-in-the-loop (for Myanmar). What does your project require more, to make guaranteed impact?

Why us


State-of-the-art software, customised for each new use-case. Understand what the sender wants to convey, for complex in-depth topics, both in mainstream as well as low resourced languages. We follow a strong user centered design process. Assisted by a strict protocol, our solutions are guaranteed fit-for-purpose.


For solutions that last. We make sure that our solutions keep on delivering impact in a sustainable webservice. After delivery of any project, the developed solutions are hosted and maintained online in a robust environment. And shared with other users whenever possible. For sustainable solutions.  For maximum impact. 


We share and we care. We grew thanks to a wide network of academia, government and civil society organisations. We pass this on by a collaborative attitude and inclusive development processes,  always on the lookout for integrated, whole solutions. Feel free to drop us a message and connect.

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