Real-time flood mapping at the Philippines Red Cross

Realization of an online media dashboard for the Operational Centre of the Red Cross in Manilla. The dashboard displays real-time flood information in the Philippines based on data from Twitter to target aid operations, plan logistics and organize financing. FloodTags is currently fully operational at the Philippine Red Cross.

Citizens and communities in Philippines are affected by floods each year. On average the Philipines Red Cross registers 20 floods in 80 different areas in their country. To respond to the floods effectively, disaster managers need to know how the people are affected. What FloodTags and partners did is collect Twitter data and filter out the most relevant flood observations. Next, we combined it with various relevant (water) information so that the Red Cross gets a clear overview of what is happening on-the-ground during a flood. The results are used as addition to the Red Cross volunteer reporting system, so that response activities of the Philippine Red Cross can be planned even better. The project was winner of the prestigious Challenge Fund of the Worldbank. Partners in the project are the Red Cross Climate Centre (RCCC), Deltares, VU University Amsterdam and Radboud University Nijmegen. Read more.